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Innovation Nexus 

Market Analysis

We understand that every customer has unique needs and we tailor our research and analysis accordingly. We provide in-depth research and analysis to identify opportunities, potential partners, and key players in the market. Our research process is thorough, including both primary and secondary research, utilizing various sources of data such as government reports, industry publications, and interviews with industry experts.

Partner Finding

We use our in-depth knowledge of the Israeli market and our extensive network of contacts to help our clients find the right partners for their business needs. Our process begins with an assessment of our client's needs and goals, and then we conduct research to identify potential partners that are a good fit. We then provide our clients with a curated list of potential partners and introductions to those partners.

Technology Scouting

We have a deep understanding of the Israeli technology landscape, including the latest developments and trends in various industries such as AI, IoT, Cybersecurity, and Biotechnology. We also have a strong understanding of the Israeli startup ecosystem, including knowledge of the local regulations and funding opportunities. This enables us to identify startups and emerging technologies that align with our client's specific needs and goals.

Meeting and Negotiation Support

We utilize our extensive knowledge of the Israeli market, cultural understanding, and business etiquette to help our clients navigate meetings and negotiations effectively. We provide support throughout the entire process, from scheduling and preparing for meetings to interpreting and translating during meetings to helping with follow-up negotiations.

Legal, Regulatory, and HR Advisory 

We use our extensive network of contacts to connect our clients with the right people who have the knowledge and experience to help them navigate the legal and regulatory landscape in Israel. Whether it's contract review, compliance, labor and employment laws, intellectual property, or other legal and regulatory matters, we help our clients get the guidance and support they need to establish and maintain successful operations in the Israeli market.

Cultural Awareness Training

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