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Million Times is a web platform to connect startups with investors/corporations globally. There are 6,000 Israeli startups inside the database.


Ani Terada

Founder & CEO

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Ani Terada is the Founder & CEO of Aniwo ​which is an innovation platform company located in Israel and Japan.

He is the first Japanese entrepreneur established the VC backed startup company. He has a lot of experience of innovation related activities with leading Japanese corporations and Israeli startups.


Kyoto University (MBA), Osaka University (BEc)

Sachio Semmoto


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Dr. Semmoto joined RENOVA as an External Board Member in 2014, 

becoming Chairman in 2015.

Prior to RENOVA, he founded four leading telecom companies including KDDI and eAccess.

He was a board member of NetApp, Inc. headquartered in Sunnyvayle, CA which is one of the excellent company in Silicon Valley, and Reuters which is the world's largest telecommunications company.

He was also a full professor at Keio University, a visiting professor of Carnegie Mellon University and University of California, Berkeley.

He holds a BS in Engineering from Kyoto University and PhD

in Engineering from University of Florida.

​Eiji Matsuyama

Head of Japan,

​Executive Officer

of Business Development

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Yinan Xing

Business Development

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Shir David

Business Development

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Tsuyoshi Ohta

Catalyst Japan Asia Region

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Mami Ito


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Mai Momoi


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Yutaro Kimura


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Tomer Amit

​Algorithm Developer

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Gonen Krak


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